La Citation No I/2008: Hommage à Bougeureau ou Hommage à l'objet

First of all art is for me a form of reflection. Visual measures: sculpture, painting, digital media or photography, allow me to define issues important for me in an entirely different way than pure verbal ones. This method seems to be much more suggestive than a traditionally understood word, both in emotional and metaphorical sense. Even though I started my artistic research from traditional sculpture, at present I try my best to use more than only one medium. An idea, concept and plan are the forms of expression that I conform my art to. I do believe that the idea should determine how to select measures, not the other way round. That is why in my present activity I try to combine different forms of media together. Both, the traditional sculpture and painting, as well as those unconventional ones such as digital media and photography. I pretty often use some already existing objects in my installations. Generally I am faithful to my fascination which is sculpture, still I treat it in a more liberal way, it's more like a space art where all the rigid borders between media and art disciplines disappear. There is one more boundary that my art tries to wipe: it's the one between the past and the present. I like to look back, to recall things that happened or are irreparable. In fact I am not trying to make new forms in sculpture, I am simply not interested in its formalistic aspect at all. The basic material of my art activity is to create an intriguing context between quotations and references, that invites the audience to have an afterthought. In that sense we may say that I am a kind of a hidden artist, the one who stands behind his work, who is rather concentrated on peace and solitude than manifests his existence in an extrovert way.

Rafał Boettner-Łubowski

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